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2 07, 2019

Facelift or Fillers: Which Procedure Would Benefit Me Most?

While a facelift and fillers may sound like they both essentially do the same thing, these procedures can help you look like a better version of yourself in two drastic ways. Both are effective and safe. Regardless of which you end up choosing, you need to make sure the procedures suit your personal needs. Being aware of [...]
4 06, 2019

The Negative Effects Of Counterfeit Medical Products  

The World Health Organization classifies counterfeit medical products under three categories: substandard, unlicensed or unregistered, or falsified. When you purchase a medical product from a reputable doctor or surgeon, they have to have approval from the FDA. The FDA passes a rigorous test to ensure that these products meet a certain standard for your safety [...]
2 05, 2019

How Often Can I Get TCA Peels?

Trichloracetic acid (TCA) peels reduce the appearance of aging and brown spots, fine lines, and mild to moderate acne by chemically removing the top layer of the skin. TCA peels also improve the texture and tone of sun-damaged skin affected by melasma (brown patches on the skin caused by excessive exposure to sunlight). This popular [...]
8 04, 2019

What to Expect when Recovering from a Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a surgical procedure involving a licensed cosmetic surgeon removing excess abdominal skin and fat while restoring firmness to weakened muscles to give you a toned appearance. Once you receive the surgery, tummy tuck recovery is a long and sometimes painful experience.  Early Tummy Tuck Recovery After surgery, the tummy tuck incision is protected [...]
14 03, 2019

The Importance of Post-Op Appointments

So you had a surgical cosmetic procedure done a few days ago and are pleased with the results. In fact, swelling has mostly subsided, redness is almost gone, incisions appear to be healing nicely and you feel great. Your first post-op appointment is coming up soon but you might be wondering why you should go [...]
14 02, 2019

Minimally Invasive Procedures You’ll Love

As we welcome a new year full of hope and promises, many people look in the mirror and see a few things they wish they could change. With a flip of the calendar there are a few more dark spots on hands and face. Little crow’s feet around the eyes are perhaps a bit deeper [...]
15 01, 2019

Your Breast Year Ever

If you are unhappy with your breast size or shape, why not make 2019 your "breast year" ever by scheduling a consultation appointment with Dr. Lawler to discuss breast augmentation procedures to improve your shape and give your self-esteem a much needed boost? Additionally, advanced surgical techniques have made most breast augmentation procedures minimally invasive [...]
4 12, 2018

Facials for Relieving Holiday Stress

What Exactly is a Facial? Facials are rejuvenating skin treatments performed by aestheticians that deep cleans pores, exfoliates dead skin cells and nourishes skin using special solutions. Facials enhance the skin's overall health, tone, texture and can help reduce acne outbreaks. Before receiving a facial, you will meet with an aesthetician to determine what kind of [...]
19 11, 2018

Your Beauty Gift Guide

Instead of giving family members and friends the usual scented soaps, nail salon gift certificates or other beauty products they may or may not use, why not pamper them with a cosmetic enhancement treatment offered by the Lawler Centre? Dr. Cory Lawler provides a wide variety of non-invasive/minimally invasive skin or body rejuvenating techniques designed [...]
13 11, 2018

Look Great for the Holidays: How to Time Your Visits

It's that time of year again, when family get-togethers, office parties and celebratory outings with friends take up much of your social time. When you want to look your best and "wow" people you may not have seen in a while, what better way to smooth away wrinkles, improve your body's contour and give your [...]