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16 05, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Thread-lifts

Thread-lifts, or thread facelifts, are being touted as a quicker, less invasive alternative to traditional facelifts. Completed within two hours, a thread-lift does not require anesthesia and involves insertion of thin threads into problematic facial areas. These specialized threads are actually barbed sutures that quickly attach themselves to skin tissue to pull back skin and [...]
3 05, 2018

Detecting Skin Cancer: When You Should Worry

Every spring as people start looking ahead to summer activities, the Lawler Centre Cosmetic Surgery staff receives an increased number of calls from clients concerned about getting their bodies in shape for beach time. It starts when you notice a small scaly spot on your leg you've never seen before, or you notice a new [...]
24 04, 2018

Choosing Liposuction Over CoolSculpting

Americans are obsessed with dieting. The diet and weight management industry drags in about $65 million every year based on scientific breakthroughs, which fuel hope for shedding that last 10 or 20 pounds of fat still clinging to the abdomen and thighs. The truth is, the only way to effectively control weight is through balancing [...]
10 04, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation Warranties

Breast augmentation involves implantation of saline or silicone-filled breast implants to enlarge or modify the shape of the breasts. When breast augmentation involves reduction of size of the breasts by removing tissue, warranties generally won't apply since no implant is needed. What is a Warranty? Warranties are forms of guarantees that manufacturers of consumer products attach to [...]
19 03, 2018

4 Things to Think About When Considering Breast Implants

Women get breast implants primarily to enlarge small breasts they are not satisfied with. Sometimes, women may want breast implants in only one breast to make breasts more symmetrical. Others have had a mastectomy and wish to restore their natural shape. Whatever the reason you may be considering breast implants, there are a few things [...]
5 03, 2018

Everything you Need To Know about Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentations involve minimally invasive surgery or injections of hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers that add fullness to thin lips or reshape lips more attractively. The most common lip augmentation procedure is FDA-approved HA injections providing immediately visible results lasting around six months. Brand names of HA lip augmentation substances include Restylane-L, Juvederm Ultra, Belotero Balance [...]
14 02, 2018

Board Certification Matters when Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, it is critical that you know the difference between board-certified cosmetic surgeons and self-proclaimed "cosmetic" doctors before choosing your surgeon. In fact, anyone with a medical license can actually refer to themselves as a cosmetic practitioner, even though they may not have any formal training. In addition, some doctors [...]
12 02, 2018

Love Yourself Love Your Body

Most off-the-shelf skin care products today are marketed as a quick fix to a slowly developing problem. Sun damage, age spots, adult blemishes and sagging skin seem to appear overnight when they are actually the result of years of neglect. Women spend roughly 7.5 percent of their disposable annual income chasing that elusive unicorn named [...]
22 01, 2018

What is a TCA Peel?

Trichloroacetic acid is the active ingredient of a TCA peel. Generally considered a medium level peel, the depth of the peel can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the concentration of TCA in the peel's formula. Though available in concentrations as high as 50%, it is not recommended you go above 30%, or you could [...]
27 12, 2017

Preparing for a Cosmetic Procedure

Preparing is Key to Optimal Cosmetic Surgery Results Yes, the expertise and experience of the plastic surgeon can help you achieve positive results, but it is not the sole factor. Preoperative preparation gets your mind and body ready for the procedure and the recovery that follows. Understanding the changes your body will go through helps minimize [...]