Frown lines are caused when the forehead muscles cause the facial skin to repeatedly move over time. Most people think that age is the main factor when it comes to frown lines but, while it is a factor, there are other considerations such as the continual movements of the face by frowning or squinting.

Dysport is a prescription injection that will temporarily improve the look of patients with moderate to severe frown lines between and above their eyebrows. While frown lines are minimized by the injections, the patient’s expressions will not be affected.

Dysport works by blocking off the signal from the nerve to the muscles through injection into the five points that are between and above the eyebrows. By blocking the signal from nerve to muscles, muscle activity in those parts of the face will be reduced which will temporarily prevent any contractions of the muscles resulting in the absence of frown lines.

Four-Step Process

1. Consultation

The first step of the Dysport process is a consultation at which time the expectations of the treatment will be discussed. Any health conditions or allergies that could affect the treatment will also be discussed.

2. Treatment

The Dysport treatment involved one injection into the five points that exist between and above the eyebrows. The treatment typically takes 10 to 20 minutes, though the duration varies from patient to patient. The exact location of each injection varies depending on the patient and will be decided by Dr. Lawler to ensure optimum results.

3. Recovery

The recovery time following the treatment is minimal with more than half of patients reporting improvement in just two to three days.

4. Results

The results of the treatment are expected to last up to four months. Dr. Lawler will discuss a treatment schedule with you to ensure you maintain the results.