What Exactly is a Facial?

Facials are rejuvenating skin treatments performed by aestheticians that deep cleans pores, exfoliates dead skin cells and nourishes skin using special solutions. Facials enhance the skin's overall health, tone, texture and can help reduce acne outbreaks. Before receiving a facial, you will meet with an aesthetician to determine what kind of facial your skin needs. Aestheticians individualize facial treatments by examining your skin's condition (dryness, pimples, pore size, color, etc) and selecting specific cleansers, facial masks and hydrating lotions to significantly improve the appearance of your skin.

How Do Facials Relieve Stress?

In addition to removing embedded dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil, facials also include your aesthetician massaging your face and sometimes your neck and shoulders to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Lymph vessels cover every inch of the skin and surrounds all organs. Improving lymphatic drainage helps remove toxins from skin tissues and provides rich amounts of oxygen and blood flow to facial skin. In addition, facial cleansers are gently massaged into the face and neck area using warm water, soft cloths and facial sponges. Calming and therapeutic, a facial massage is the kind of pampering everyone needs over the holidays to help them unwind, relax and enjoy the feeling of clean, fresh skin.

Exfoliation, Extractions and Facial Masks

During a complete facial, aesthetician will lightly buff away old skin cells using exfoliating scrub creams. Dead skin cells accumulate rapidly on facial skin, causing a sallow complexion, dull tone, clogged pores and pimples. The process of skin renewal and shedding skin cells occurs naturally and quickly when you are young. As you age, however, your skin secretes less oil and loses its ability to shed dead skin cells. Buildup of dead skin cells is another reason why men and women over 40 tend to have dry skin even during the summer. Aestheticians perform extractions to clear debris and excess oil from clogged pores. Extractions are done using special tools or by hand. Having regular extractions helps reduce blemish outbreaks and shrinks pore size to give your skin a smooth, youthful texture. Facial masks are applied to hydrate dry skin or decrease oiliness responsible for outbreaks. Following removal of a facial mask, aestheticians may apply serums, moisturizers and/or sunscreens to protect skin from UV rays.

Lawler Centre Offers a Variety of Stress-relieving Facials This Holiday Season!

Calming Facial Treatment Our Calming Treatment for Sensitive Skin hydrates dry skin and calms overactive glands using a gel mask rich in proteins, amino acids and moisturizing plant ingredients. After spending all day running from store to store and fighting crowds trying to find the perfect gifts, why not stop in and enjoy some "me" time by having a Calming Facial done by a professional aesthetician? Aromatherapy Facials An aromatherapy facial incorporates aromatic, essential oils blends to oxygenate, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Aromatherapy is also effective for relieving stress and improving your overall physical and psychological well-being. In fact, aromatherapy is considered a branch of alternative medicine that may increase energy, enhance mood and relieve mild aches and pains. Oxygenating Facial Treatment If you have sallow, tired-looking skin due to an unhealthy diet, smoking, sun damage and aging, our Oxygenating Facial is exactly what you need. When clogged pores and dead skin cells prevent your skin from accessing oxygen, your skin suffers significantly and often adopts a prematurely "aged" appearance. If you are considering peel treatments, Dr. Lawler suggests Oxygenating Facials between peels if your skin does not peel. Express Facials Relax and de-stress over the holidays with our 30-minute Express Facial designed for people who want attractive-looking skin but can't spare more than a half hour of their time. Your Express Facial includes exfoliating, a deep-cleansing massage and facial mask customized to address your skin's unique needs. Call Lawler Centre today to schedule your next soothing facial treatment. The holidays are here and you will not only want to look your best but you will want to feel your best!