Fat transfers (also called fat injections or fat grafting procedures) transfers excess fat from one area of your body to another. A long-lasting, safe procedure performed by licensed cosmetic surgeons, fat transfers produce attractive, natural-looking results for people who want to rejuvenate a sunken, creased face. It can also help make wrinkled hands appear smoother and more youthful and improve one's body contour. In addition, fat transfers are also used to complement breast reconstruction by filling in shape irregularities or hiding visible signs of implants.

Who Is A Good Candidate for a Fat Transfer Procedure?

The purpose of a fat transfer is to fill in or augment volume-deficient body areas such as the face, lips, hands, buttocks, or skin depressions caused by scarring or liposuction with your own excess fat. Fat is most commonly removed from the thighs or abdomen. During your initial consultation with Dr. Lawler, you will be asked about your past and current medical history, if you have any circulatory problems, and what you expect from a fat transfer procedure.

Why Do People Get Fat Transfers?

Longevity is the biggest advantage of a fat transfer over dermal filler injections. Fat cells injected into the body live for several years minus the cells that are reabsorbed by your body. Results of dermal fillers last about 12 to 18 months and require touch-ups to maintain these results.
  • Facial fat transfers smooth away crow's feet, laugh lines, forehead wrinkles, and mild to moderate acne scars. Sunken or indented areas around the cheeks and lips can also be "plumped out" with a fat transfer.
  • Breast augmentations with fat transfers can modestly increase breast size for breasts that are already in good shape. Women who want to significantly enhance the size of their breast should consider breast implants instead of fat transfer.
  • Breast reconstruction with fat transfer fills in problem areas emerging after a lumpectomy. Fat transfer may also be an option for women undergoing a mastectomy and want to restore breast volume after surgery. However, this type of fat transfer is a multi-stage process involving multiple fat transfer procedures instead of just one or two fat injections.

What Happens During a Fat Transfer Procedure?

After removing fat from your body, it is then washed, purified, and injected into volume-deficient body areas. In some cases, one injection is all that is required to give you the desired results you want. Depending on the severity of volume deficiency, two or three fat transfer injection may be needed to achieve appearance goals.

Fat "Harvesting"

Before removing excess fat, Dr. Lawler injects a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort. A tiny incision is then created and the doctor inserts a cannula attached to a syringe to extract fat.

Fat Purification

This process involves using a centrifuge or other filtration technique to remove impurities surrounding fat cells.

Placement of Purified Fat

Once your fat is purified, Dr. Lawler will inject fat into your hands, face, or breasts by passing the cannula or needle in and out of the area several times. Every time the needle is withdrawn, parcels of fatty tissue are deposited into your natural tissue. Your doctor may massage this area to manipulate contours into satisfactory shapes. When the fat transfer is complete, a bandage or dressing is placed over the injection site.

Recovering From A Fat Transfer Procedure

Recovery time depends on how much fat is removed, infiltrated, and injected. Most fat transfer patients recover within four to five days. Some swelling, bruising. and discomfort is to be expected. Dr. Lawler will give you a set of instructions concerning what you can and cannot do during your recovery.

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