As we welcome a new year full of hope and promises, many people look in the mirror and see a few things they wish they could change. With a flip of the calendar there are a few more dark spots on hands and face. Little crow’s feet around the eyes are perhaps a bit deeper and the parenthesis around your mouth seems more pronounced than last year. There's good news. You don't have to commit to major cosmetic surgery to gently turn back the clock. You'll love the way these minimally invasive procedures transform the way you look, and how you feel about your body.

Love the Skin You're In With These 7 Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

Dermal & Collagen Fillers

Diminish the appearance of scars with a mini-lift just beneath the surface. For people who have scars left from severe acne and facial injuries, treating the surface isn't enough to restore elasticity and youthful firmness. Dermal fillers eliminate fine lines, depressions and sagging skin folds. You can even use products like Radiesse® and Juvéderm™ULTRA to reshape lips and bothersome nasolabial folds. HA dermal fillers are an excellent choice for stimulating natural collagen production. Many men and women choose Restylane as an effective alternative to cosmetic surgery when they want to improve the appearance of delicate skin beneath the eyes. Dermal fillers aren't just for the face, Dr. Lawler has successfully helped people restore shrinking temple contours, drooping earlobes, and sagging knee skin.

Sunspot Laser Treatments

People with dark spots from sun damage, as well as natural age spots, see a dramatic restoration with Palomar StarLux pulsed-light treatments. This treatment eliminates dark pigmentation areas with carefully controlled laser light. This same technology is used to diminish visible veins, for clear, healthy-looking skin.


Bothered by unsightly spider veins that keep you from wear shorts or dresses that expose your legs, ankles or thighs? Sclerotherapy, a simple procedure that involves injecting sclerosing solution into clusters of red, purple or bluish veins just beneath the skin's surface, causes veins to collapse and disappear. As a bonus, people report they no longer suffer from restless legs, cramps or aching associated with these otherwise benign side-effects of spider veins.

Trichloroacetic Acid Peels (TCA)

Chemical peels effectively smooth out fine surface wrinkles and remove superficial blemishes. When used with bleaching agents, TCA peels are an excellent, non-invasive solution for correcting pigmentation problems (dark spots, and uneven skin tone). Darker-skinned patients prefer TCA over Phenol for it's effectiveness.


Frown lines – those depressions that run horizontally across the forehead above the eyebrows – age an otherwise beautiful face. While some creasing comes naturally with age, excessive squinting and frowning exacerbate the problem. DYSPORT®, an injectable solution that eliminates frown lines, blocks nerve to muscle signals, reducing the body's muscle contractions in the areas treated. This temporary “paralysis” instantly provides in a more content, youthful appearance.


Like DYSPORT®, Botox® is an effective treatment for chronic frown lines. This injectable is also a fantastic non-surgical alternative for reducing neck folds and crow's feet. Treatments generally last about 3 to 4 months before muscle movements return. Patients can enjoy a smooth forehead, without deep furrows with a single treatment when the initial injection wears off. So surgery, no scar.


There's no reason to have major surgery to get rid of a double chin. Kybella, and FDA approved injectable, utilizes deoxycholic acid, which occurs naturally in the body, to destroy fat cells in the chin region. Patients who don't want to spend weeks recovering from traditional cosmetic surgery appreciate the quick recovery time, and a more beautiful profile with Kybella. What is your biggest cosmetic challenge? Is it your skin? Hyperpigmentation? Maybe you want to plump up your lips or get rid of the extra chin that is making you feel self-conscious. Dr. Lawler, our board-certified Melbourne, FL cosmetic surgeon has a minimally-invasive solution for all those problems, and many others. Call our office and find out how you can fall in love with your body again.